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Entreprenairess extends a complimentary open invitation for high-value women entrepreneurs + business owners to join us to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 March 8th, 2022 at 11:00 AM CT on Eventbrite. Join our new membership networking event amplified with award-winning PR style at the link below…

Video Interested in sponsoring our event for a 5-minute STANDOUT pitch presentation of your business? Be sure to purchase the sponsor ticket available on Eventbrite at the link above! We’ll be making news headlining womens’ history once again!

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Entreprenairess* Membership Page Of Fame

Elevator Entreprenairess Challenge? Oh yeah, GAMECHANGER ON! On the 28th of each calendar month, *Entreprenny Airess our avatarielle ambassador, will tally up our most social business active members’ #hashbrag activity using our logo brand amplifying hashtag #EntreprenairessMember on Twitter! The top 10 winners will be showcased in our EntrePRenairess* Page Of Fame page at, with an official Entreprenairess* press

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Emerging Blog

Inaugural words to tickle your esoteric ear fancy, lol. Voila’ all you women entrepreneuring dollings…in one to three epiphanous meditative moments the realization of our “Entreprenairess *tm” existence danced across the real estate of our intelligent creator’s mind. Everything that exists in the Universe has yet to be constructed, established and internet searchable; yet the ethereal announcement of our branded

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