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Inaugural words to tickle your esoteric ear fancy, lol. Voila’ all you women entrepreneuring dollings…in one to three epiphanous meditative moments the realization of our “Entreprenairess *tm” existence danced across the real estate of our intelligent creator’s mind.

Everything that exists in the Universe has yet to be constructed, established and internet searchable; yet the ethereal announcement of our branded and bespoke womens entrepreneurship memberships begs a supernova-ish introduction.

That being said (whew), if you found that blogalogue intriguing, you’re in unique vocabulary-inspired company. Entrepreneuress * membership at all levels can expect to be entertained with a unique entrepreneurship word with each Entreprenairess * Blog eMerging post.

Our posting are published to introduce various concepts, and expressions of thought-shareship, from our one-of-her kind women entrepreneur: “Entreprenny Airess” (our Entreprenairess Avatarielle-Editor) to our herstory-making women’s membership nation of us! Meet & greet her with your comments, won’t you please.

As an inaugural and official Entrepreneuress *tm Members, we’d love to hear what kind of womens entrepreneurship courses, experiences, events, group networking matters, issues, topics, talks and more will help you advance, glow and grow in becoming Entreprenairess *tm?

Send us your comments and feedback direct to Entreprenny at email: Ask@entreprenairess.com

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